Jacob Horwood: Visual Elements That Shouldn’t Go Together

Photo Credit: Mike Juneau

T- shirt Edition of 100

In many cases, during my practice as a screen printer, the biggest successes have come from moments when something happens compositionally that wasn’t intended. A reversed layer, test prints on unusual substrates, printing onto other prints, all have very beneficial results to assist towards seeing an image in a new way. For this edition, I began by individually hot water dying each shirt. This results in a material that is painted without form or specific direction. When my composed layers were then put onto the t-shirt, a divide was created, as well as a partnership, between the intentional and the fortuitous.

The t-shirts are available in eight colour variations and can be purchased for $25 each. For more information please contact mallory@yyzartistsoutlet.org.

JACOB HORWOOD is a Toronto-based visual artist who works in printmaking, publishing and sound art. He co-founded in 2004 the experimental sound art record label Beniffer Editions. It has released over 110 hand-made artist multiples on various formats including LPs, books, box-sets and cassettes. Horwood is the administrator of Punchclock Printing and works as a specialty screen printer assisting other artists and designers interested in the full realization of their ideas. He is also one half of music concrete duo Gastric Female Reflex, who have released music and toured internationally. Horwood’s work is informed by process based painting techniques applied to screen-printing, visual after image demonstrations, re-appropriation and artist multiple presentation.











Online Exhibition: YYZ in the 90s

We are excited to announce the launch of YYZ’s online exhibition YYZ in the 90s which takes a look at our programming initiatives during our second decade. This exhibition is part of Virtual Museum of Canada (VMC), Community Memories program supported by Canadian Heritage.




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YYZ Art Collection Brooch

YYZ is excited to introduce Art Collection Brooches, handmade for YYZUNLIMITED by Elle Usui using surplus invitations for past YYZ exhibitions. Each brooch is meticulously handmade, one-of-a-kind, and specially packaged by the artist.

These brooches are available for $20 + shipping. Paper and flat back metal pin, edition of 20 plus artist’s proof, 2010. Email Ana to place an order.

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