28 FEBRUARY 1983 – 26 MARCH 1983

Curated by Richard Rhodes

The title of this exhibition is much a pun as a polemic alternate photography, a photography from the alternate galleries. Such word play is probably a lapse of taste, but it’s also a convenience, a convenience for acknowledging the work’s milieu. This is something that Richard Rhodes wanted to do because the fact is simply that Toronto’s artist-run spaces are where all of this work derives from. That’s where most of it was first shown, that’s where it’s being shown again now. And that makes this something of a retrospective. His intension from the beginning was simply to gather up into one room some of the photographic work that he had seen in those galleries spread out over several spaces and several years, to gather it up, augment it with new work, and then stand back with the hope that some of the affinities and shared directions in the work would begin to push forward and become real in the room. There was the hope too that the exhibition then might become a sign for the level of accomplishment in these galleries and an indication of the vitality there.

This exhibition features work from Isaac Applebaum, David Clarkson, Stan Denniston, Peter MacCallum and Jayce Salloum

For more information about the exhibit: Alternate Photography Catalogue