..east of here..(re)imagining the ‘orient’
Curated by Jayce Salloum

This project carries with it the burden of representation and time. In abundance and in lack, in lost time and failed time, in misrepresentation and immediate presence. What once we were never was and whatever we wanted to be couldn’t, always being something to someone else, denied possibilities, and in this denial a little seizure, a little issue here to explode a few concepts of our present and our present past. This project, this exigency that can’t be expressed in so many words and these works, our works and these works and how they come to build a structure to face up to things. To face up to a history that is ours and never was, to develop a context for this face of history and to see it stop being what it was and continues to be.

This exhibition featured works from Ghazi Abdel-Baki, Hossam Ali, Sami Al-Kassim, Jon Alpert, Kamal Al-Solaylee, Vahap Avshar, Tina M. Bastajian, Thibaud Bghin, Yasmina Bouziane, Josely Carvalho, Claire Dannenbaum, Eshrat Erfanian, Amer Ghandour, Hanzel & Gretzel, Roula Haj-Ismail, Marwan Hassan, Tom Hayes, Emily Jacir, Haytham Jawhari, Isaac Julien, Farouk Kaspaules, Mireille Kassar, Jennifer Kawaja, Shirin Kazemi, Cynthia Madansky, Seta Manoukian, Laura U. Marks, Rashid Masharawi, Meena Nanji, Yousry Nasrallah, Stephane Pichard, Walid Ra’ad, Pia Reunala, Jayce Salloum, Julian Samuel, Habiba Sheikh, Mohamed Soueid, Elia Suleiman, Mitra Tabrizian, David Thorne, Garin Torossian, Jalal Toufic, Sarah Vogwill, and b.h. Yael.

For more information about the exhibit and artists: ..east of here..(re) imagining the ‘orient’