When we were students at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in the nineties, a show at YYZ meant that an artist had hit the big leagues. I am so proud to support a venue that occupies this precious place in the collective unconscious of emerging Canadian artists. Emily Vey Duke + Cooper Battersby

Reflecting on our past and looking towards our future, YYZ is pleased to present work from a few of the artists we have hosted over the years. Available for purchase are works from:

Shary Boyle, Carole Cond + Karl Beveridge, Paul de Guzman, Sara Graham, Brian Groombridge, Janice Gurney, Anitra Hamilton, Yam Lau, Angela Leach, Gordon Lebredt, Micah Lexier, Ken Lum, Peter MacCallum, Elizabeth MacKenzie, Kelly Mark, Jayce Salloum, Adrienne Spier, Derek Sullivan, Karen Tam, Zin Taylor, Emily Vey Duke + Cooper Battersby, and George Whiteside.

Artworks will be available for purchase through silent auction from Friday 1 May until Saturday 13 June 2009. Bids can be pledged by email (www.yyzartistsoutlet.org/timewarp), on the phone or in person.

The proceeds of the fundraiser will help to support our ongoing YYreZidency program. Established Summer 2008, the YYreZidency gives artists the opportunity to develop new site-specific work over the course of six weeks, culminating in a solo exhibition. Plans are underway to further expand the program to encompass public events, educational initiatives, publications, and artists’ editions.

The YYreZidency is an important new development because it provides artists with the chance to develop their practice in a responsive and public context. Visitors to the gallery are able to witness the artists’ process over the course of the residency and interact with the artists. It is a unique experience for the artist and audience alike and YYZ is excited to see how the program can expand and evolve in the future.

The YYreZidency effectively encapsulates YYZ’s position as one of Canada’s longest-running artist-run centres. On the one hand, it is about looking forward experimenting, developing new opportunities for artists, and giving audiences the chance to interact with artists and artworks in a very direct, immediate capacity. On the other hand, the YYreZidency reflects the unique history and culture of artist-run centres in particular, how they have served as a space where artists are able to take risks and develop practices that may not be feasible within commercial contexts.

In addition to the display of works in the YYZ TIME WARP fundraiser, YYZXXX will feature the presentation of YYZTV: TAPE #20. YYZTV, which ran on Maclean-Hunter Television in Toronto during the mid 1990s. The show provided new media artists with the opportunity to present their work to a wider audience. YYZ has gone into the vaults to restore the YYZTV master tapes, and will be showing the original broadcast material from TAPE #20 of the series, with works from Tess Payne and Jan Peacock along with other YYZTV episodes by Nelson Henricks, Dennis Day and Jan Peacock.


Visitors to YYZXXX will also have the opportunity to see fascinating, original archival material that spans the gallery’s thirty year history. Photographs, promotional material, catalogues, and other ephemera will show the breadth and diversity of YYZ’s programming over the years.