Please join us on Sat, February 15, 2020 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM EST at the Innis Town Hall Theatre (2 Sussex Avenue Toronto, ON M5S 1J5) for the premier of “Unfold:” A documentary film by Ximena Berecochea and Salvador Alanis.

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In 2016, Ximena Berecochea and Salvador Alanis flew to Mexico City to interview a couple of artists as part of project research they were working with the Latin American Studies Department at the University of Toronto. They were looking for artists with a multidisciplinary approach that had an outstanding presence on the international scene. Their intentions were to meet for a coffee with two or three of them, have an informal chat about their work, and get them talking on camera with the idea to invite them for a conference cycle in Toronto. Some of them were friends and some others, Berecochea and Alanis, had followed their work with admiration. Each artist referred to another one, extending the list. Also, when an artist talked about a particular topic, they realized that more context was needed and looked for additional artists to interview.

After four weeks of shooting, they ended up with more than thirty interviews and eighty hours of footage to work with. These artists were part of a unique generation that emerged in Mexico in the ’90s and their retelling depicted the challenges and motivations that drove this group to a visible presence in major art and literary venues and forums. In view of this, Alanis and Berecochea decided to produce a feature documentary, titled Unfold.

We would love you to see the result of this work. To make it more interesting, our friend, the internationally acclaimed artist Yoshua Okón, will be in Toronto for the screening. Yoshua, Gustavo Artigas, and Salvador Alanis will comment on the documentary at the end of the presentation.YYZ_Screening of Unfold

This conversation will be moderated by Ximena Berecochea. This is a joint presentation with YYZ Artists’ Outlet, the Latin American Studies Department at the University of Toronto and the General Consulate of Mexico.