Image credit: Cuadros de colores. (Colored Squares), 2019, Video, 7 min 14 sec. Image courtesy of the artist.


Galia Eibenschutz: Red. Blue. Orange. Yellow. Line scapes and Landscape.

July 30 – Sept 26, 2020

Galia Eibenschutz’ practice investigates the process of transformation in nature, and in the body, and how this is linked directly to the creative process; a process that is itself a transformative one. Her investigation is a constant attempt to decipher the process of adaptation and displacement of the body in its environment; an attempt to find bridges between internal and external spaces. Her work speaks to a live organism that evolves in its environment, and at the same time, an environment that opens and transforms as a gigantic organism. Eibenschutz’ interest is to mark the passage of time and register the movement of each moment in a specific and temporal span. Her background in dance and movement, as well as her body itself, are key tools in her work that are always at play. Movement and drawing are two constant expressions in her practice; she sometimes features one more than the other but often uses both at the same time. This exhibition is presented in partnership with the 33rd Images Festival: April 16-22, 2020.

GALIA EIBENSCHUTZ is a dance and multimedia artist from Mexico City whose work has developed through both movement and visual art techniques. Her work registers the passing of time as well as the scenic presence of the human body and its projection within architectural spaces. Her work has also been displayed as part of several collective exhibitions at Modern Art Museum (Mexico City); Carrillo Gill Art Museum (Mexico, City); Contemporary Art Museum of Oaxaca, MUCA Roma and MUCA CU (Mexico, City); Palacio Nacional de Bellas Artes (Mexico, City); Witte de Witt (Rotterdam), Blain|Southern (London branch); Mexican Cultural Center (Paris); Saidye Bronfman Center for the Arts (Montreal) and in Stedelijke Museum Voor Actuele Kunst Gante (Belgium).