12 FEBRUARY 2021 – 10 APRIL 2021

Tegan Moore, A yellow chunk of spray insulation lays in grass filled with scattered Styrofoam granules from a rasping process of a stucco installation. Image courtesy of the artist.


In materials science, fatigue is the weakening of a material caused by repeated pressure or friction. Fatigue builds slowly in minute striations, crazes, and creeps. As a craze grows into a crack, the stress intensity can exceed toughness capacity—causing rapid expansion into a complete fracture. Foam Fatigue explores multiple scales of time, pressure, and fragmentation: of materials, between bodies, and of natural and synthetic cycles and trappings of air. Expanded, collapsed, and clinging forms, attempt to grasp an unknown feeling in the midst of molecular fragility and exchange.


GRANULAR: Audio Description by HaeAhn Paul Kwon Kajander
Recorded by Avery Moore Kloss


TEGAN MOORE works with sculpture and installation using methods of saving, salvage, and deconstruction, in a material research practice investigating the hidden systems that mediate interior climates. Her recent exhibitions include Immersion Grade, at Vivo Media Arts (2019) and Variations at Zalucky Contemporary (2018). She has participated in residencies at Tokyo Arts and Space, Mustarinda (Finland), and Flaggfabrikken (now Aldea, Norway). She co-organizes the project space Support, in London, Ontario, and is part of The Synthetic Collective, a collaborative group researching plastics pollution and organizing the upcoming exhibition, Plastic Heart: Surface All the Way Though at the Art Museum at the University of Toronto.

The artist would like to thank the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council for supporting the realization of this project. Special thanks to Karina Irvine, Avery Moore Kloss, HaeAhn Kwon, and Paul Kajander for their work on the exhibition’s accompanying material.