All things along with us is a gathering of objects in various states of transformation. Echoes of shape play through the works and every object body has its imprint. Together they form a fragile network of interconnected logic and associative play: an endless loop of material curiosity, circumstance, and restless hands.


SARAH PUPO lives and works in Tiotia:ke/Montreal. Her practice bridges watercolour painting, drawing, provisional installation, and lo-fi animation. Pupo’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, most recently at the Accademia di Romania (Rome, Italy) and Trinity Square Video (Tkaronto / Toronto, CA). In 2020 she was a resident artist at the British School in Rome. Other recent residencies include Atelier Circulaire (Tiotia:ke/Montreal, CA) and the CALQ Québec Studio in Mumbai, India. Her work has been supported through grants from the Canada Council for the Arts and Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.