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Ana Barajas | Director | abarajas [at] yyzartistsoutlet [dot] org

Born in Mexico City, Mexico, Ana Barajas holds a BFA from OCAD University in Sculpture/Installation. She received a MVA, Curatorial and a MA, Modern Art History from the University of Toronto and a Professional Certificate, Collections Management from the University of Victoria. As the Director of YYZ Artists’ Outlet, Barajas has managed more than one-hundred exhibitions to date. Independent curatorial projects include It takes everyone to know no one in 2011 at the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery, Art Museum, University of Toronto; The 19th Hole at Cuchifritos Gallery+Project Space, NY in 2014; the group exhibition Disappearing Act at the Thames Art Gallery, Chatham-Kent in 2017; Susan Schelle: Selected Works at Gallery Stratford and McMaster Museum of Art, Hamilton in 2018.

Installation: Allan Kosmajac & David Salazar