Pockets for air by Karina Irvine 

Pockets for air by Karina Irvine …there is some action of cutting through surfaces to a site that has no business being underneath. What is the future doing underneath the past? —Anne Carson, Cassandra Float Can The main characteristic of foam is that it is…


Yesterday Today Tomorrow By Steven Matijcio 

Yesterday Today Tomorrow by Steven Matijcio The institution of nation-states and their corresponding borders are as much a product of settlement, politics, colonization, conflicts, and treaties, as they are mythology, ideologies, and projection. Where lines are drawn and where citizenship begins, and ends, are human…


Tracing a line by Jenn Law 

Tracing a line by Jenn Law “Where are we to put the limit between the body and the world, since the world is flesh?” ~Maurice Merleau-Ponty, The Visible and the Invisible, 1964   In many places, a rock with an unbroken line running through it…