Toronto’. Trialogue by Guy Sioui Durand 

  Toronto’. Trialogue Guy Sioui Durand Tsei8ei 8enho8en ’ Notez l’apostrophe ajoutée à la fin de Toronto’. Symbole linguistique qui indique une coupure dans le son dans son appellation en langue huronne-wendat, il recèle une grande signification. Il suppose de rêver. Voilà l’inspiration à la…


The Spectral Ledger by Steven Cottingham 

This text by STEVEN COTTINGHAM was published alongside KRISTA BELLE STEWART’S exhibition, A Guest a Host a Ghost. There can be no doubt that the colonial paradigm is a question of haunting. What remains for debate, however, is the assignation of roles. Who is haunting…


When Things Occur by Doreen Mende 

When Things Occur (2016) by Oraib Toukan is based on Skype conversations with Gaza inhabitants who were behind the images that were transmitted from screen to screen in the summer of 2014. The subsequent remarks are organised in four short segments that end up with open questions which expand the reflections touched upon here.