Seripop by Emma Balkind 

Looming. Defined as:

A shadowy form that is large and probably threatening.
An event, which is threatening to happen.
A (maybe) exaggerated, vague first vision of an object in darkness.
A distant dim reflection barely visible.
Origins in Low German or Dutch such as lomen – move slowly.
Or lemenbe weary.


Galileo’s Finger by Jen Hutton 

Despite their reductive appearances, Groombridge’s work holds an indexicality or reference to the real. The forms are not entirely arbitrary; they are rooted in sourcesfacts, data, measurements; some common, some notor a system of his own devising. There’s a there thereyou just need to look harder to see it.


Libby Hague: The Thread That We Follow by Michelle Jacques 

Comprised of woodcut prints, shaped and pleated paper elements, and puppets that the audience is invited to move around via a system of wire tracks, the impression conveyed by the installation is of a story that both unfolds as a narrative around the perimeter thus implying the progression of time while it also exists as an absorbing and immersive experience in the present moment.