Galileo’s Finger by Jen Hutton 

Despite their reductive appearances, Groombridge’s work holds an indexicality or reference to the real. The forms are not entirely arbitrary; they are rooted in sourcesfacts, data, measurements; some common, some notor a system of his own devising. There’s a there thereyou just need to look harder to see it.


Libby Hague: The Thread That We Follow by Michelle Jacques 

Comprised of woodcut prints, shaped and pleated paper elements, and puppets that the audience is invited to move around via a system of wire tracks, the impression conveyed by the installation is of a story that both unfolds as a narrative around the perimeter thus implying the progression of time while it also exists as an absorbing and immersive experience in the present moment.


The Consciousness of the Lake by Ana Barajas 

This multimedia presentation explores the construction of narrative and its effect on the notion of site through the production of a mock-documentary and fan-film, which serves as an anchor for the sculptural elements and detailed drawings that accompany it, weaving together fictional elements with theoretical research on the nature of the universe.