Sonic Potential: ‘Report’ by Raven Chacon at YYZ Artists’ Outlet, Toronto BY BLOUIN ARTINFO | OCTOBER 02, 2017 

  In a musical installation, the YYZ Artists’ Outlet presents ‘Report’. ‘Report’ is the latest work of American composer Raven Chacon, who in this production explores the musicality of firearms. The original presentation will be presented at the Toronto venue until early December. Raven Chacon…


Vol. 1: The Ward Players by Ellyn Walker 

Indeed, histories of sport contain numerous social, cultural, and political narratives, many of which tell important stories of place and place-making across the lands now known as Canada. Both within and outside of these borders, there has existed a very narrow story of Black baseball within the public imaginary, in which Toronto-based artist Jalani Morgan intervenes with his new exhibition at YYZ Artists’ Outlet.