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Mona Kamal: Journeys 

MONA KAMAL’s new body of work investigates themes of deconstruction and rebirth. She utilizes objects from nature, her personal surrounding and artifacts that she has collected over time to reference her childhood memories as well as familial stories. In an installation that evokes the quilt-like structure of memory-making, Kamal juxtaposes materials gathered in India, such as red sand and textiles, to address ideas echoed in the cycle of life.


On Mona Kamal’s Journeys 

[…]Mona Kamal’s Journeys is an exhibition of collection and reassembly an articulation of years of experiences and travels that have been shipped, shifted and recombined. Kamal has conserved physical and conceptual mementos from her trips to India and Pakistan and reconstituted them alongside material reflections of her past in Canada as well as her current life in New York City. She recontextualizes her journeys and experiences, translating them into publicly and personally legible forms.[…]