“Typically, to intervene means to enter, to come in as an extraneous or foreign feature in the course of some action. But what if the feature in question is in fact intrinsic to the scene or setup, a structural necessity whose presence is considered more often than not a liability, given that its function cannot be easily accommodated or incorporated as a positive addition to the scene concerned? Now YYZ’s principal exhibition space (but the smaller Z gallery and the lounge area could just as well stand as examples) sports not one but two such features in the form of a pair of structural columns that, due to their location, mark off an intermediate zone that is often difficult to negotiate in terms of its serviceability to the exhibition area as a whole. Aside from the interference that the physical presence of the columns incurs, the space between them tends to hold the overall space of display apart. It is in this sense of an inherent coming between, the effects of the aforementioned spatio-temporal pocket that works to divide the space from itselfa kind of auto-divarication if you like, that is of interest to me.”