As a non-profit charity, YYZ depends on the financial support of individuals and organizations to make our programs possible.

Please consider donating to our centre via Canada Helps and you will receive a tax receipt for your contribution.

The YYZ Staff and Board,  would like acknowledge the generous support of the following donors:

Caroline Langill, in memory of Wendy Coburn
Jane Buyers, in memory of Betty Stephens
Lin Gibson, in memory of Gordon Lebredt
Aitak Sorahitalab
Alan and Lucy Hinman
Amy Wallace
Anonymous x 4
Bill Reid
Braden Labonte
Carmen Victor
Christina Battle
Clare Barnaby-Smith
Dylan Reid
Darryl Bank
Dean Roussel
F. Margaret Kirk
Greg Coleman, in honour of Norm Marcos and Deborah Kirk
Hannah Jickling
Iliana Sergeev
Jason Chapnik, in honour of Deborah Kirk
Jayce Salloum
Jeff Wilkinson
Jessica Field
Jill Price
Johanna Householder, in honour of Carmen Housholder-Padari
Julia Horel
Karen Schreiber
Karie Liao
Karl Beveridge
Kathleen Beeston
Lana Gorlitz
Libby Hague
Lisa Neighbour
Lo Bil
Lois Klassen
Louise Garfield
Luiza Moraes
Marissa Neave
Mark Bell
Marni Jackson, in hounour of The Clichettes
Maxine Proctor
Micah Lexier
Miklos Legrady
Natalie Korol
Nelson Henricks
Norman Morcos
Patricia Hazzan
Rebecca Gimmi
Richard Fung
Robert Graham
Robert Labossiere
Shawna Dempsey
Stan Denniston
Teresa Stockmeyer
Wendy Thomson