Exhibitions, Upcoming

Lana Yuan: An Education 

  An Education examines observations about toys, commercials, marketing strategy, and education, connecting contemporary life to children’s development through interrogating the interplay of toys, machines, and set design. An Education casts doubt on the educational purpose compiled into children’s toys by manufacturers and marketers and considers the potential…

Exhibitions, Upcoming

Eva Kolcze: Continental Drift 

                  Continental Drift is a single-channel video installation that explores the concept of geological time and how it is recorded within the earth’s surface. Using 16mm footage of multiple locations in the Alberta Badlands, Continental Drift documents…

Exhibitions, Past

Jimmy Limit: ProofOfConcept_final2FINALb.tif 

JIMMY LIMIT|ProofOfConcept_final2FINALb.tif 19 JANUARY 2022 – 12 MARCH 2022 Image courtesy of the artist. JIMMY LIMIT |ProofOfConcept_final2FINALb.tif Search: Advertising Ambiguity Anxiety Archaeology Balance Ceramics Classicism Clay Cold-coffee Collapse Colours Concept-proof Consumption Corn Creatability Creativity Cut-flowers Desire Digital Document Documentation-as-artwork Domestic Doubt Egg-plinth Ethics-of-making Fear Food…