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Vases communicants 

WEDNESDAY  JULY 27 to WEDNESDAY AUGUST 31, 2022 Edith Brunette and François Lemieux Vases communicants 2021, 16min 49sec Distributed by Vidéographe   Through the gestures and movements of bodies, a landscape is constructed, makeshift and evolving. It signals a world that is chequered with organizing…

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Lana Yuan: An Education 

  An Education examines observations about toys, commercials, marketing strategy, and education, connecting contemporary life to children’s development through interrogating the interplay of toys, machines, and set design. An Education casts doubt on the educational purpose compiled into children’s toys by manufacturers and marketers and considers the potential…

Exhibitions, Past

Sarah Pupo: All things along with us 

  All things along with us is a gathering of objects in various states of transformation. Echoes of shape play through the works and every object body has its imprint. Together they form a fragile network of interconnected logic and associative play: an endless loop of material…