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Arrivals and Departures 

Exhibition is on view from Saturday April 1 to Saturday July 15, 2023. Arrivals and Departures spans the three exhibition spaces at YYZ Artists’ Outlet.  It is organized by Heather Nicol, an interdisciplinary artist whose practice involves working with people in a variety of ways….

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Record Launch: Bill Burns 

YYZ is pleased to host the Toronto launch of Bill Burns latest project. Join us Saturday February 18 2:00 to 5:00 PM. Bill Burns is launching a new recording of Country Songs About Donkeys, Milk, Honey and Trade featuring Marshall Burns (his nephew) –  a…

Events, Past Events

Exhibition Tour: Ryan Park 

Please join us Saturday February 25 at 2:00 PM for a tour of Ryan Park’s exhibition Under the Sun led by the artist.   Under the Sun presents recent sculptural photo-objects that reference small scale convenience stores. Taking the form of illuminated commercial sign boxes…


Exhibition Tour: Hyang Cho 

Please joins us for a tour of the exhibition Certain Things from Uncertain Moments on Saturday February 11 at 2:00 PM with artist Hyang Cho.   Certain Things from Uncertain Moments glimpses the passing, accumulating, and sometimes repeating time in every day through tangible things. There…


Under the Sun: Daniel Gallay 

It is a fundamental, unbreakable law of this universe that energy is not created or destroyed, it only changes form. It may not be made, but it may be transfigured. Energy released from nuclear fusion taking place within the gravity of our sun hurtles into…