Snail’s Space by August Klintberg 

  Images courtesy of the artist. Behind each fold and fringe is a flirtation – or is it a fabulation? Contours out of sight are shaped behind and within each form. There are folded and flat irregularly shaped panels. There are wig-like curtains. A fringe…

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Ashleigh Bartlett: Snail’s Space 

ASHLEIGH BARTLETT |Snail’s Space 21 JULY 2021 – 21 AUGUST 2021 Image courtesy of the artist. ASHLEIGH BARTLETT |Snail’s Space An installation of abstract painting and shredded silk, Snail’s Space responds to the slowness of an isolated year. Soaking, staining, folding, and ripping, require specific performative…


Pockets for air by Karina Irvine 

Pockets for air by Karina Irvine …there is some action of cutting through surfaces to a site that has no business being underneath. What is the future doing underneath the past? —Anne Carson, Cassandra Float Can The main characteristic of foam is that it is…