A mural project on view from Sept. 30, 2023 – July 31, 2024

Opening: Sept. 29,

6PM – 8PM

This mural is for women, for the tired days of being always alert, in a constant fight of our rights and still having more chances to lose in most of the situations. On those tired days I dream utopias, I dream on Venus. A planet that is waiting for us to heard us, protect us, and love us. Venus will recharge our energy to come back to this world and day after day fight for a Venus in this world.
LA PUPILA is a Colombia artist based in Tkaronto. She works as a freelancer tattoo artist, but she also has been exploring in murals, canvas and upcycle clothing in the past years. A principal theme in Pupila’s work is the feminine energy with an aura of melancholy. She tries explore through symbols, ornaments, faces, distortions a memory or feelings